Artulo Wineries Packaging

Branding, Packaging, 3D Design

Artulo Winery is a boutique company that produces handcrafted wine, beer, and cider. To celebrate their release of a 2012 amarone red wine, I rebranded the company and created packaging for the product.

I created a logo that contrasts “Artulo” in handwritten script with “Winery” in a wideset typeface, Trajan Pro. As a tribute to company's founder, I used chess as a recurring theme. I illustrated the silhouettes of chess pieces and overlapped the king with a pawn. I created patterns with these simplistic shapes and arranged them on the packaging.

The objective for the package design was to create a wine box that could easily be carried. To solve this problem, I created a triangular box with a handhold. The triangular prism is a simple yet effective packaging solution because it allows for various stacking arrangements. It could be stacked upright on a shelf or horizontally stacked into a larger pyramid.