Mountain of Wolves Packaging + Website

Web Design and Development, UX/UI, Packaging, Branding, Illustration

Mountain of Wolves is a folk-rock indie band from London, Ontario. I rebranded the band to visually reflect their sound and name. I combined a vector illustration of a wolf with a hand-painted a moon for the band's logo. Throughout the website and CD packaging, I repeated these images along with hand-painted watercolour mountains.

I chose to make a 6-panel digipak with a poster insert so I could feature a wide view of the mountains. I repeated the same image on the CD face to create continuity.

The poster features lyrics from the song “Light/Work” and showcases hand-drawn illustrations of the band members on the opposite side.

Most of the content is hand-lettered to emphasize the DIY aesthetic of their indie band. The font for the band’s logo is League Gothic—a condensed and sleek font. The secondary font is Century Schoolbook—a serif font nicely contrasting to the strength of League Gothic.

For the website, I created a single-page scroll with a vertical fixed navigation using HTML, CSS, and JQuery. The website integrates Mountain of Wolves’ social media channels, videos, and bandcamp audio player.