Unfiltered Print + Digital Magazine

Branding, Layout, Digital Design, UX/UI, Photography, Copywriting

Unfiltered is a contemporary art and lifestyle magazine that features ideas and talents from underrepresented voices around the world. From initial concept to final printing, I acted as the editor-in-chief, designer, photographer, and copywriter.

The Unfiltered brand encapsulates the feelings of youth, summer, and DIY mentality. I created a watercolour hand-painted logo to represent the free-flowing nature of the magazine. The result is a fun, minimal, 44-page magazine filled with photo essays, articles, and playlists.

Most headings were handwritten to reflect the DIY nature of the brand. The main body font was Adobe Garamond Pro—a traditional serif font which juxtaposes the playfulness of the headers.

After laying out the print version, I transformed the content into a digital, interactive version for tablets. The gesture-based digital magazine features animations, pull out tabs, pop up buttons, scrollable text, and playlists.