Ontario Renal Network Nutrition Fact Sheets

Layout, Translations, Photography

The Ontario Renal Network (ORN), a division of CCO, is an organization dedicated to improving the kidney care system in Ontario. As an agency of the government, the ORN manages the delivery of chronic kidney disease services with a strong patient focus.

We developed four nutrition fact sheets for people living with chronic kidney disease: diabetes & diet, phosphorus, potassium, and sodium. Those four fact sheets were translated into nine different languages and each fact sheet had to be adjusted to accommodate varying translation lengths. We also created three more versions to be used in First Nations, Inuit, and M├ętis communities. For this project, I was invited to an Inuit feast in Ottawa, and several of my photographs appear on the front covers of the Inuit nutritional fact sheets.

This project required great attention to detail due to the nature of the text, multiple versions, and translations.